Myprotein Waxy Maize Starch 2.5KG

Myprotein Waxy Maize Starch 2.5KG
Brand: Myprotein
Size: 2.5
28.9 CAD
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Waxy Maize Starch (WMS) is a complex, long-chain, high molecular weight carbohydrate, free of sugar and lactose. WMS can restore glycogen levels faster than dextrose, thus increasing energy levels in record time. It has a much higher molecular weight than dextrose and maltodextrin so therefore passes through the stomach much faster, thus eliminating the risk of stomach discomfort; so there is no stomach cramping and no bloated feeling. Since WMS is absorbed so rapidly it can easily be consumed whenever a fast release of energy is required. WMS acts like a pump, pulling the nutrients along with water into the body tissue at the correct speed and osmolality for your body to fully utilise. WMS is soluble in water, mixes best with a shaker but can also be shaken and consumed immediately. It has a neutral taste and is an excellent addition to a formula or consumed on its own. Our Waxy Maize Starch has a high percentage of Amylopectin (95-99%) and a low percentage of Amylose (1-5%). Amylopectin molecules are larger, heavier and easier for the stomach to digest. Therefore, foods that have little Amylose and lots of Amylopectin will be more rapidly digested and absorbed.