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Body Weight

Women's Health And Body Weight

Many women feel as if they need to do body weight training daily and have the perfect body to have high self-esteem. Bodyweight tends to be both physically and psychologically important for a majority of women. Just as there are many serious problems with regards to being overweight and obese, there are just as many for those who are underweight. The diet industry has caused a huge impact on women’s self-esteem, in a negative way. It is so important to support each other regardless of body weight.

Eating disorders can be caused by the lack of support from friends and family about your body weight. One person may think that they have a healthy body weight, whereas someone else, with a negative body image of themselves, could regard them as overweight.

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Body Weight Workout

If you’re looking to work towards your dream body, then you will need to do some weekly, or even daily, workouts. Exercising is extremely good for women’s health, especially with regards to your heart, as it reduces the risks of potential heart diseases or heart failure.

There are many workouts you can look at doing to get fit, help increase your health and help with bodyweight. These include burpees, clap jacks, lunges, squats and planking. You can take all of these and add any other exercises you like, and work out sets that you can do. Increase the amount of exercise you do as you go along. Be careful not to push yourself too hard and always remember to warm up and cool down!

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to trace the obesity levels in populations. It is recommended to be within your BMI scale to ensure a reduction of possible health issues. Your weight is based on many various factors, such as age, height, sex, health, and fat and muscle composition.

BMI is a tool that uses your weight and height to calculate if you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. This isn’t always the best tool to use, as there are various health factors that can affect your weight such as hypothyroidism. BMI also doesn’t take into account muscle weight, and this weighs more than fat. Therefore very muscular individuals could be put in the obese category with this tool.

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Food Choices

The foods you decide to eat, play a big part in your body weight. It is important to eat foods from each of your food groups, as well as decrease your added sugar and sodium intake. Eating healthy does not mean you need to spend all your money to go on special diets, or skip meals. It just means you need to cut down all of those unhealthy foods and eat them in moderation.

In conclusion, with regards to women’s health and their body weight, it is essential to do your best to live a healthier lifestyle by doing workouts and eating healthier to improve your health. This will also help you form a positive body image for yourself! Your heart, body and soul will thank you.