Myprotein Elite Total Gainer - Vanilla

Myprotein Elite Total Gainer - Vanilla
Brand: Myprotein
Color: Vanilla
Size: 6lb/2.72
66.5 CAD
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MP MAX ELITE® Total Gainer is designed to bring you a high calorie, nutritious drink to help you add size. Packed with complex carbohydrates and a high quality protein blend, each 100g serving provides a comprehensive 411 calories to fuel your workout and help you build lean muscle. MP MAX® Total Gainer is such a complete formula that it can be used as a meal replacement or as an additional meal to your normal diet. As with all products in the MP MAX ELITE® range, MP MAX ELITE® Total Gainer has been batch tested for WADA banned substances by HFL Sport Science under their INFORMED-SPORT programme, for additional peace of mind. With the inclusion of Essential Fatty Acids and Medium Chain Triglycerides, you are certain to receive a sustained, performance boosting release of energy. This great tasting drink also has a fantastic amino acid profile to ensure your body repairs and builds new tissue when taken alongside a structured exercise programme. MP MAX® Total Gainer is the ideal formula for hard gainers and anyone who struggles to add healthy weight.