Weleda Birch Juice (200ml)

Weleda Birch Juice (200ml)
Categories: Health Care, Drinks
Brand: Weleda
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Organic Birch Juice is a health supplement from Weleda that helps to improve the appearance of your skin healthily and naturally. Working to detoxify your body, the juice is made from organic silver birch ingredients that contain flavonoids, saponines and tannins, that protect the skin cells from damage by free-radicals and help support natural purification. The flavonoids extracted encourage the flushing of toxins to restore skin radiance. Formulated without added sugar or honey, the juice is blended with refreshing lemon juice. As well as helping you rediscover your vitality, using birch juice in a detox programme also brings beauty benefits: cleansing your system purifies the complexion to leave skin clear and bright. -SA A 3-6 week course is recommended to help improve vitality Suitable for vegans