Super Gian Post Workout Strawberry/Cream

Super Gian Post Workout Strawberry/Cream
Brand: Super7
Color: Strawberry,Cream
Size: 908
61.3 CAD
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Super 7 -Dedicated to providing awesome products backed by science that deliver results. Revolutionary product formulas harnessing the power of 7 key ingredients to give you the tools to get the body you want. Pushed yourself to limit and smashed and extra set? Then harness the power of our revolutionary post workout formula with a blend of 7 key ingredients to refuel your muscles and feel awesome. Unique blend of protein, L-glutamine, Beta Alanine, and quality fast acting carbs. Tomorrow is a new day, so bring it on! Support optimal muscle growth potential with a post-workout recovery product! Support muscle and recovery! THE FASTER YOU RECOVER, THE FASTER YOU WILL SEE RESULTS After putting in another hard session in the gym make sure to look after your post-workout recovery. Don’t let your progress fall on its face by not giving it good ingredients for muscle repair and recovery. Post-workout recovery products are useful for areas such as: Muscle energy storage for your next workout Providing fast-absorbing protein in order to repair muscle tissue Fighting lean muscle tissue breakdown (catabolism) A healthy immune system for handling stress from exercise Rest and good nutrition are important directly after a workout session, which is where post-workout recovery products come in!