Sepai Sublime Youth Oil 15ml

Sepai Sublime Youth Oil 15ml
Categories: Health Care, Equipment
Brand: Sepai
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Preserve skin’s youthful firmness and glow with the Sepai Sublime Youth Oil; a detoxifying, facial oil that targets loss of elasticity and decline of collagen synthesis to stop aging in its tracks. Enriched with Babchi Seeds, phyto-extracts, Marine Bamboo and an anti-wrinkle peptide (Drift Kelp extract), combined with a stable form of Vitamin C, the Youth Oil brightens and renews skin from the inside out, protecting its natural luminosity and defending it from further damage by external stressors. Safeguard your youthful radiance under lock and key.Dermatologically-tested. Toxic-free.Vegan. Cruelty-free.