Sepai Glow Recharge Mask 58g

Sepai Glow Recharge Mask 58g
Categories: Health Care, Wellness
Brand: Sepai
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Revive and revitalize your complexion with the Sepai Glow Recharge Mask, a nourishing and illuminating face mask that uses carefully selected botanical ingredients to promote instant glow and nutrition.Crafted with the power of enfleurage (a process that uses odourless fats that are solid at room temperature to capture the fragrant compounds exuded by plants), the nourishing face mask’s inclusion of Jasmine Petals provides a soothing and calming effect on skin. Helping to restore skin’s radiance and vitality, the mask works to regulate the hydrolipidic barrier and restore stressed skin. Its infusion of antioxidant and Vitamin C-rich Camu-Camu extract helps to brighten the visage, while a multi-mineral Vitality Shot regulates skin’s barrier. Also contains nourishing fermented Olive Oil and a botanical blend with Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng on a base of Orange, Bergamot, Mandarin and Grapefruit for energising and antioxidant benefits.Suitable for normal to dry skin types.Vegan. Dermatologist tested.Free from fillers (silicones), allergens, toxins, oil derivatives, parabens and more.