Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery Drink Powder 1.6kg Tub - Banana

Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery Drink Powder 1.6kg Tub - Banana
Brand: Science in Sport
Color: Banana
Size: 1.6
78.8 CAD
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At Science in Sport they are dedicated to developing the best sports nutrition products to help endurance athletes perform at their best. Their range includes award winning gels, powders, bars and supplements, used by elite athletes around the world. Protein and carbohydrate complex with high levels of rapidly absorbed, pre-digested hydrolysated proteins, whey protein isolates, peptide bonded glutamine, creatine and much more to accelerate your recovery from, and adaptation to, exercise. Recover - adapt - improve! Key Features: To recover, rebuild and support the body’s adaptation to training. When you are in a training programme and need your body to adapt to increasing demands. A full spectrum recovery product for periods of intense training. Developed with feedback from the Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, it helps your muscles to recover and rebuild. Use immediately after exercise to help your body adapt to increased training demands to become stronger as quickly as possible. Easy on the stomach, so it can be taken after hard exercise. Available in Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavours. 1.6kg Tubs. Please note: Rego Total Recovery.