Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder - 1.6kg Tub Unflavoured

Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder - 1.6kg Tub Unflavoured
Brand: Science in Sport
Color: Unflavoured
45.5 CAD
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At Science in Sport they are dedicated to developing the best sports nutrition products to help endurance athletes perform at their best. Their range includes award winning gels, powders, bars and supplements, used by elite athletes around the world. SiS GO ENERGY utilises multiple energy sources to maximize energy supply to muscle and liver, and is light on the stomach so can be taken at high concentrations for maximum energy. Key Features: For carbohydrate loading, longer workouts or fast re-fuelling, When energy is your priority. SiS GO Energy is versatile enough to mix at high energy concentrations, whilst still being easy on the stomach. Before - for easy, low bulk carb loading. During - when you need fast, sustained energy. High grade maltodextrin provides glucose polymers which keep the energy high and the osmolality low. Fructose helps maximise energy delivery as it is absorbed using a different mechanism than glucose. Only natural flavours are used which give a clean refreshing taste. Available in Orange, Lemon and Blackcurrant flavour, or non-flavoured Original. 1.6kg Tubs. Please note: Previously known as PSP22.