Science in Sport Go Electrolyte 500g Watermelon

Science in Sport Go Electrolyte 500g Watermelon
Brand: Science in Sport
Color: Watermelon
17.9 CAD
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At Science in Sport they are dedicated to developing the best sports nutrition products to help endurance athletes perform at their best. Their range includes award winning gels, powders, bars and supplements, used by elite athletes around the world. SiS GO Electrolyte gives you energy fast & contains balanced electrolytes to enhance your body’s ability to absorb water, maintain endurance performance and protect against cramp. Key Features: As easy to drink as water, SiS GO Electrolyte puts back what you sweat out. Ideal for indoor workouts, exercise in the heat or any time when you are sweating heavily or dehydrating. Fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise. When you want a balance of energy and hydration. It is light on the stomach. Use before to prepare and during sport when you are sweating heavily. Available in Blackcurrant, Tropical Fruit and Watermelon. 500g Tubs.