Science in Sport Go + Caffeine Energy Gel 60ml - Box of 30 Berry

Science in Sport Go + Caffeine Energy Gel 60ml - Box of 30 Berry
Brand: Science in Sport
Color: Berry
105 CAD
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At Science in Sport they are dedicated to developing the best sports nutrition products to help endurance athletes perform at their best. Their range includes award winning gels, powders, bars and supplements, used by elite athletes around the world. SiS GO + Caffeine contains blackcurrant anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant, for improved night vision - great for drivers and night events. High caffeine levels are often associated with a blurring of vision and these anthocyanins may reduce this. Also present are citrus bioflavenoids, another powerful antioxidant, which have been shown to improve caffeine absorption, and work synergistically with the other antioxidants. Key Features: For a fast physical and mental boost. When you want an energy boost, but want the benefits of caffeine too. Use before or during sport for added physical and mental focus when you want to get an edge. SiS GO + Caffeine combines SIS unique gel technology to deliver energy with a whole host of extras. Imagine a caffeine kick helped along with blood that flows more easily, down even the smallest capillaries, delivering more nutrients and stimulation to active muscles. Available in Berry and Espresso flavours. Box of 30 60ml sachets. Please note: Previously known as Smart 1.