Sci-MX Recovery Fuel, Blackcurrant, Tub, 840g

Sci-MX Recovery Fuel, Blackcurrant, Tub, 840g
Brand: Sci-MX
Color: Blackcurrant
Size: 840
48.3 CAD
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Sci-MX Recovery Fuel contains the perfect combination of scientifically researched ingredients to help athletes recover from any form of intense exercise. There are three major contributors to tiredness, soreness and muscle wastage from intense physical activity. Glycogen (sugar that is stored by your body for energy in muscle) is rapidly depleted, amino acids breakdown within muscle tissue and minerals are lot from sweat. Sci-MX Recovery Fuel has been formulated with all three aspects in mind. It contains high levels of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) from whey protein isolate to help rapidly replace amino acids. It contains a carbohydrate blend designed specifically to replenish muscle glycogen without a sugar rush, and an advanced electrolyte blend to replace lost minerals. Vitamin C is also included as intense exercise can rapidly deplete stores which could reduce immune function. This advanced combination is ideal for endurance athletes, rugby players, martial artists, boxers etc. during and after intense training.