Sci-MX PRO-2GO RTD (6 x 500ml), Chocolate, Bottle, 500ml

Sci-MX PRO-2GO RTD (6 x 500ml), Chocolate, Bottle, 500ml
Brand: Sci-MX
Color: Chocolate
Size: 500
32.7 CAD
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Sci-MX’s Pro-2Go has been specially formulated to provide a convenient, refreshing and effective protein source to support muscle development and aid recovery after intensive exercise. 35g of protein ensures muscles are optimally nourished to maximise recovery and growth, and Pro-2Go is high in BCAAs which are highly sought after by serious gym goers and power athletes because they aid the development of muscle tissue after resistance training. The two great flavours and ergonomic bottle design make Pro-2Go easy to drink and convenient for consumption on the go after exercise or at any time during the day to ensure your protein requirements are met. Ideal for gym enthusiasts, serious power athletes and anyone looking to build or tone muscle. Put a bottle of Pro-2Go in your gym bag or day pack for when you need healthy, convenient nutrition.