Sci-MX GRS-5 Protein System, Chocolate, Tub, 1kg

Sci-MX GRS-5 Protein System, Chocolate, Tub, 1kg
Brand: Sci-MX
Color: Chocolate
Size: 1
63 CAD
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GRS-5 Protein System is probably the most scientifically advanced and effective muscle-building protein drink you can buy! It supplies both rapidly-absorbed sources like whey, as well as more gradually-absorbed sources like milk, egg and soy. This is because developing muscles will grow faster if supplied with amino acids over a sustained period, especially between meals and during sleep. The combination of proteins used in GRS-5 Protein System does exactly this, ensuring that your hard-working muscles get a constant supply of amino acids over a longer period. GRS-5 Protein System also contains other nutrients that complement its muscle-building ability and help you achieve your training goals. Vit-MX-Sport is a unique blend of vitamins C, B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper which is specifically formulated for sports people. It contributes to factors that are vital to athletes such as healthy immune function, muscle oxygenation, hormonal health, and muscle and nerve function. We’ve also added a revolutionary new compound called Aminogen, shown in research to increase your body’s absorption of protein, and also boost the levels of nitrogen found in muscle tissue, which increases your muscle growth. OptiZyme digestive enzyme package ensures optimum protein digestion. The result is a truly superior muscle-building protein drink. Simply mix it with water for a rich-textured and delicious shake.