RMK Creamy Foundation N 101

RMK Creamy Foundation N 101
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: RMK
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Create the complexion you’ve always wanted with RMK Creamy Foundation N 101. Providing a sheer layer of coverage endued with suppleness and elasticity, this brand new creamy foundation gives your skin impressive radiance even at a distance. Made with natural oils from plant and fruit sources, the foundation is rich in vital moisture and suffuses your skin with soft bright light, whilst covering the surface evenly. Including main ingredients of argan oil, shea butter and bilberry extract, the creamy foundation also contains rice bran extract that has proved itself a great skincare agent. Rich Bran extract compromises a rich mix of gamma oryzanol and a protective emollient that gives the foundation a superb moisturising capacity, a powerful restorative for damaged skin, especially for dehydration. The foundation features, ‘shiny colour powder’ that reflects and diffuses light in a variable fashion, changing skin tones according to the viewing angle. It imbues your face with a sense of depth, accentuating the contours and giving it clarity. Skin is left looking brighter, softer, hydrated, refined and radiant. -SA Directions of use: Prepare the skin with primer Apply the required amount of RMK Creamy Foundation N Start from the centre of the face and work outwards