Revolution Skincare Turmeric Serum 30ml

Revolution Skincare Turmeric Serum 30ml
Categories: Health Care, Wellness
Brand: Revolution Skincare
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Recharge your complexion with the Revolution Skincare Turmeric Serum. Lightweight and silky, the serum delivers essential nourishment deep into the dermis, reviving your skin’s radiance. Saturated with the superfood ingredient, Turmeric, the formula has healing and anti-inflammatory potential, working to even your skin’s tone and texture. A multi-talented ingredient, Turmeric Root Extract also helps to rebalance the skin, combatting excess sebum production to mattify the surface. Also packed with antioxidants, Turmeric strives to safeguard the skin against harmful environmental aggressors and damaging urban stressors. Simultaneously, the formula is infused with Grape Seed and Sunflower Oil to soften the skin, leaving the surface supple and dewy. Transform your visage with the replenishing formula. Vegan. Cruelty-free.