ReVive ReVolve Contouring Massage Roller in Beauty: NA.

ReVive ReVolve Contouring Massage Roller in Beauty: NA.
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: ReVive
Color: Beauty: NA
Size: One Size
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ReVive ReVolve Contouring Massage Roller in Beauty: NA. Bring the spa experience home with this tri-head roller made of cooling Zamac. This versatile tool is designed to gently massage the eyes, face, neck, shoulders and decolletage to reduce puffiness and create a firmer, more contoured appearance.. Made entirely of Zamac, an allow material containing zinc, magnesium, and other beneficial elements.. The top rollers target larger areas of the face and neck while the small roller targets the delicate eye contour.. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan & cruelty-free. Cleanse skin and apply your favorite serum or moisturizer. Then, holding the handle lightly, use gentle pressure to glide the roller over your face, neck and decolletage. After use, wash with water or alcohol and wipe dry with a cloth. Do not place near fire or in direct sunlight. RIVF-UU34. 20260. ReVive’s roots are in helping people feel great about their skin. While working with burn victims, founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown had the groundbreaking idea to apply a Nobel Prize-winning, bio-engineered molecule called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to help damaged skin heal more quickly. Merging biotechnology with beauty, Dr. Brown later incorporated this revolutionary molecule into skincare and found that it dramatically reduced signs of aging and increased skin renewal. ReVive skincare solutions are formulated with bio-engineered proteins inspired by the proteins that our skin produces naturally. These skin-identical proteins mimic your skin’s bio-renewal process to quickly renew and restore skin to a healthy, youthful state. Skin feels softer, smoother, and looks undeniably radiant.