Pro GFX+ - Tropical Punch Flavour 320g

Pro GFX+ - Tropical Punch Flavour 320g
Brand: CNP
Color: Tropical Punch
Size: 320
51.1 CAD
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CNP Pro GFX+ is a very powerful pre-workout formula. CNP Pro GFX+ delivers a perfect balanced product to assist your performance goals, it includes Arginine Nitrate, a fusion of L-Arginine and Nitric Acid. Combining these two efficient and powerful vasodilators further generates optimal Nitric Oxide production, and gives you maximum pump, the peak of an effective workout. Citrulline Malate has been further added to synergistically work together with the Arginine to further enhance and extend the Nitric Oxide production, resulting in amplified vasodilation, increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, and bigger, longer-lasting muscle pump. Pine bark extract is added and has been shown to greatly enhance blood flow and oxygen transport to the muscles, further adding to your performance goals. At CNP our Sports Nutrition Scientists have ensured that all of the ingredients added are based on the latest research from Scientific Studies and are included at the optimum levels. Some of these include: 1.5g of Beta Alanine 200mg Caffeine 2g Arginine Nitrate 5g Creatine Monohydrate 3g Citrulline Malate 150mg Pink bark Extract 5g BCAA’s 1g Taurine We have formulated Pro GFX+ so you don’t have a “crash”, a loss of appetite, nausea or insomnia. The serving size is small with no filler, mixes easily and gives you a quick, convenient hit so you can get on with your best workouts yet. CNP Pro GFX+ is designed for healthy adults of 18+ years of age seeking to support performance and muscle development during resistance exercise. Some people using Pro GFX+ may experience a tingling feeling from the beta alanine; this is harmless but depending on individual tolerance can be unsettling. Don’t worry; it’s supposed to feel like that.