PIXI Wakeup Concealer No.2 Nude

PIXI Wakeup Concealer No.2 Nude
Brand: PIXI
Color: Nude
21 CAD
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PIXI Wakeup Concealer Perfect for those morning blunders, this Wakeup Concealer from PIXI contains a rich and cashmere smooth blend that camouflages dark circles and uneven skin tone. With a waterproof formula to stay covered throughout the day.Fuss free, it blends and erases the appearance of flaws for an airbrushed finish. Containing anti-aging ingredients, brightening pigments and Vitamin E for a multi tasking long wear miracle.Benefits:-Titanium dioxide works as a UV filter-Vitamin E protects skin from einvironmental pollutants that damage cells-Silica conditions and softens skin