Philip B CBD Scalp and Body Oil 60ml

Philip B CBD Scalp and Body Oil 60ml
Categories: Health Care, Wellness
Brand: Philip B
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The Philip B CBD Scalp and Body Oil has a multitude of benefits, crammed full of revitalising properties. Designed to alleviate the look of skin imperfections, this multi-purpose oil can be used on the scalp and body. 100mg of CBD and 25mg of CBG, derived from hemp (cannabis sativa), works to moisturise the skin, while terpenes seek to reinforce the oil’s soothing properties. Jojoba seed, olive, sweet almond, sesame and walnut oils combine to help moisturise the scalp and body, supporting smooth results. Suitable for all skin types, the CBD oil lends a cooling effect on contact, helping to reduce the signs of redness. Vegan and cruelty-free.