OUAI Thick Hair Detox Bundle

OUAI Thick Hair Detox Bundle
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Brand: OUAI
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Thoroughly revitalise thicker hair types with OUAI’s cleansing bundle. Containing two shampoos and a conditioner, your locks will feel purified and look well-cared for. The Set Contains: Thick Hair Shampoo (300ml) Cleansing away dirt and build-ups, the shampoo effectively cleans your scalp and strands without stripping away natural oils, resulting in a comfortable, irritation-free finish. Moisturising and hydrating, the shampoo helps to reduce dryness and frizz for a sleeker, smoother look thanks to Avocado Oil and Shea Butter that coat hair to stop water loss for longer. Strengthening Hydrolysed Keratin means locks will be less prone to breakage during brushing and styling while Marshmallow Root, sourced from Africa, acts as a natural emollient to detangle and prevent knots, delivering each strand with enough slip to move freely. Thick Hair Conditioner (300ml) hanks to its innovative formula, there’s no need to put up with dryness just because regular conditioners don’t quite do the job. Rich in hydrating Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, the conditioner helps to fight frizz by coating strands in a protective shield that stops water loss in its tracks, locking in essential moisture for silky-smooth results. Fortified with Hydrolysed Keratin, your hair fibres will appear stronger and more resilient when it comes to brushing and styling, helping you to maintain a healthy look for longer. Marshmallow Root is a natural emollient, meaning knots won’t stand a chance. Enjoy soft, detangled hair that’s easy to run your fingers through. Detox Shampoo (300ml) Its gentle formula is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, making it safe to use on all hair types and textures, including colour-treated, keratin-treated hair and Brazilian blow-outs. Infusing your locks with it hypnotic scent of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee and Musk, this lightweight shampoo elevates your hair-care regime with soothing spa-like vibes. Creating a rich lather upon contact with water, it swiftly eliminates stubborn dry shampoo and styling waxes to leave your hair soft, shiny and supple.