Oral-B Pro4000 Smart Series 3D White Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro4000 Smart Series 3D White Toothbrush
Categories: Health Care, Equipment
Brand: Oral B
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Bring your oral hygiene up to date with the Oral-B Pro4000 Smart Series 3D White Toothbrush, an advanced brush that provides targeted dental care with advanced whitening benefits and Bluetooth technology for custom results. When used in conjunction with the Oral-B App available on a range of devices, the electric toothbrush monitors your brushing habits and keeps you on track with the dentist-recommended 2 minutes, along with a pressure sensor that alerts you to over-brushing. The app then provides specific coaching and guidance to help you improve your dental journey, with the option to tailor it to suit your needs - such as achieving whiter teeth or fresher breath. Inspired by dentistry tools, the round design of the brush head adapts to each individual tooth with oscillation, rotation and pulsation to break up and remove up to 100% more plaque than manual brushing, while the variable modes suit specific needs. Achieve your cleanest mouth yet with this pioneering brush. Features: Modes: Daily Clean (Comprehensive everyday cleaning), Sensitive (Lower speed for a gentle clean), Gum Care (Gently stimulates gums). Visual Pressure Indicator - Lights up and stops pulsations if you brush too hard Bluetooth Technology - 2-way communication between brush and smartphone for real-time guidance (Smartphone not included) Up to 100% more plaque removal: Round head cleans for healthier gums in 30 days vs a manual toothbrush Get a whiter smile as of day one by removing surface stains Protects your gums: Pressure control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you brush too hard One handle, two replacement brush heads, charger refill holder: ships with a UK two pin plug