Omorovicza Evening CBD Facial Set

Omorovicza Evening CBD Facial Set
Categories: Health Care, Wellness
Brand: Omorovicza
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The Omorovicza Evening CBD Facial Set provides the perfect wind-down skincare routine, featuring four staple products to cleanse, nourish and prep your complexion before sleep. Set Contents: Thermal Cleansing Balm Powered by Hungarian Moor mud, this cleanser helps to draw out pore-clogging dirt and impurities. It gently cleanses the skin of makeup without stripping natural oils, promoting a soft and hydrated complexion. Rejuvenating Night Cream A buttery night cream to help restore and hydrate dry skin. Hazelnut peptides work to create a plump and firm appearance, while minimising the look of fine lines. The moisturiser works overnight to help reveal a fresh, youthful glow by morning. Queen of Hungary Evening Mist Infused with notes of lavender, this scented face mist is designed to treat the skin to an indulgent moment of hydration. A luxurious addition to your night time routine, the mist is the perfect final step for purifying and moisturising skin before bed, or it can be used as a boost of hydration throughout the day. Midnight Renewal Give your skin an impressive pick-me-up with this night serum, designed to work as you sleep. Retinal helps to minimise the appearance of fine likes while microalgae fights against modern-day stressors. Oat lipids then work to support a plump, radiant-looking complexion. Flannel x 1