Myprotein Flavouring Smooth Chocolate - 300G

Myprotein Flavouring Smooth Chocolate - 300G
Brand: Myprotein
Color: Chocolate Smooth
Size: 300
30.5 CAD
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Do you want to choose what flavour shake you want dependent on mood your in? Well now you can as we have added a Smooth Chocolate Flavouring System that will enable you to add a great chocolate flavour to your shakes. These flavours taste great so give them a try today!You could even use the flavouring systems to flavour your creatine, formulas or custom formulas. The choice is yours!The best thing about our flavouring systems is they taste GREAT, they are very low in calories, they also improve the mix of your shake and are 100% Aspartame free (sweetened with the best available sweetener currently - Sucralose).A 300g pouch will flavour 3kg of Whey Protein, or 100 servings (30g servings) and works out at around 18p per serving..