Myprotein CLA Powder Unflavoured 250G

Myprotein CLA Powder Unflavoured 250G
Brand: Myprotein
Size: 250
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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in dairy and beef products. It has been the subject of numerous studies which suggest it is an extremely effective supplement for reducing body fat. It is suggested that CLA can help your body prioritise fat burning when it is in need of energy, which can lead to a reduction in your stored levels of body fat, whilst sparing carbohydrate and protein stores. Whilst the studies on CLA do not show a full understanding on how it works, they do recognise that it can help lower body fat whilst promoting lean tissue growth. As a powerful antioxidant CLA has also been shown to assist in the fight against free radicals and other harmful toxins. This can reduce the signs of ageing whilst also helping your body run at its optimal levels.