Myprotein Cinnamon Extract - 90 Tabs

Myprotein Cinnamon Extract - 90 Tabs
Brand: Myprotein
Color: Unflavoured
Size: 90
17.5 CAD
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Cinnamon Extract has been used for a number of decades for its health supporting properties. Above and beyond its use as a spice, Cinnamon has been shown in various studies to support digestive health through its ability to calm the digestive process and ease certain digestive problems. More recent scientific research has shown Cinnamon Extract can help maintain balanced energy release by supporting glucose metabolism, resulting in healthy blood sugar levels. When used as part of a structured diet, Cinnamon can support glucose metabolism and may be useful for certain health conditions. In addition to its potential for glucose metabolism, cinnamon may also provide antioxidant activity. Cinnamon contains flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants and may work synergistically with vitamins and trace elements.