Men-U Black Compact Travel Kit (6 Products)

Men-U Black Compact Travel Kit (6 Products)
Categories: Health Care, Equipment
Brand: men-u
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Introduce yourself to quality travel grooming with the men-u Black Compact Travel Kit. Joining the Barbiere Shaving Brush, a full size Shower Gel and three ultra concentrated shave/facial mini’s, it’ll fast track your daily routine to first class. Being away from home doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice an effective shave/facial routine. Providing exfoliation women can only dream of, the men-u Compact Travel Kit with a Black shaving brush is your luxury travel grooming solution. This pack contains the following products: men-u Barbiere Black Shaving Brush with StandThe pure bristles of this men-u Barbiere Shaving Brush are perfectly balanced between resistance and softness, giving you the ability to raise the beard and generate a rich lather. men-u Shower Gel - 100mlPrevent your skin from drying out with this moisturising Shower Gel from men-u. Its ultra concentrated formula gives up to 80 washes and leaves your skin with a fresh, rejuvenating fragrance. men-u Shave Crème - 15mlAchieve a new level of shaving in terms of slip and smooth ride for your razor. You will experience a closer shave with less resistance, irritation and nicks and a longer lasting blade! men-u Healthy Facial Wash - 15mlBefore your shave the men-u Healthy Facial Wash helps cleanse and protect from spots and shaving rash when the skin is most vulnerable. men-u Facial Moisturiser Lift - 15mlGive yourself a Facial Moisturiser Lift with a non-greasy moisturiser and after shave balm in one that leaves your skin soft and comfortable. Its mint and menthol formula also works to cool and refresh your skin. men-u Wash BagWith room for all your men-u essentials, this stylish and convenient splash-proof Wash Bag is your tailor made travel companion.