Medium Recovery Air Jetboots Pro

Medium Recovery Air Jetboots Pro
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Includes Recovery Air PRO compression device, Recovery Air compression boots, one locking pin (for use with a single boot), DC power supply, device case and boot case . FastFlush Technology™ discharges in 60 seconds. Four internal chambers. Hygienic design. Precise pressure control. Safe and effective. 240 minutes of battery autonomy. PRO mode:,Four preset programs,Four cycles of inflation,Four time settings (from 10-90 minutes in 5-minute intervals or continuous),Variation of the pressure-holding phase (1 to 10 seconds),Variation of the pressure release time (10 to 60 seconds),Pressure control. Tracks recovery data. Bluetooth connectivity. SIZING:Boot height: 170-183cm,Length range: 80-95cm ,Maximum width: 80cm