Mass Isowhey - Banana, 4 kg

Mass Isowhey - Banana, 4 kg
Brand: Mass
Color: Banana
Size: 4
123.3 CAD
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Why use Mass IsoWhey? Mass IsoWhey powder undergoes micro-filtration to separate protein from extraneous lactose, fat and cholesterol resulting in an incresed protein concentration of 90%. Our whey isolate protein also has a rich amino acid profile, comprising the BCAAs and glutamine, thought to help with muscle mass development and to provide support during periods of intense exercise. Who can benefit from a whey isolate protein powder supplement? Whey protein isolate supplements contain less cholesterol than whey concentrate and so can be easier to digest, particularly for people who are lactose intolerant. The increased concentration of protein contributes to improved muscle maintenance and growth when supplemented alongside regular resistance training. Lastly, Mass IsoWhey is instantised meaning that it can mix better with liquids - important for smoother post-workout shakes.