Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de Parfum Singulière Saïga - 50ml

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de Parfum Singulière Saïga - 50ml
Brand: Le Couvent des Minimes
Size: 50ml
96.3 CAD
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Floral Fruity Notes: Blackcurrant Bud and Rose Centifolia. Le Couvent des Minimes’ fragrance is a graceful feat of refinement, marrying florals with a soft fruity sweetness. The Saïga Eau de Parfum echoes the silhouette of the Antelope, a creature with a delicate nature and swiftness. Brought to life by Jean-Claude Ellena, Creative Fragrance Director, the perfume is a sensory triumph, expertly weaving together notes to conjure a singular, distinctive scent. Like the movement of its animal spirit, the fragrance is characterised by a velvety smooth texture. Subtly alluring like a fleeting memory, the perfume harnesses Blackburrant Bud’s contemporary edge to bring the gourmand hand in hand with sensory experience. Traditionally only an edible ingredient, this unique note contains a duality that’s composed of fresh green buds and understated sweetness. Able to lift and accentuate other notes within a blend, it hovers like a mirage, ever-present yet unpindownable. Complemented by Rose Centiflora, the scent blooms with morning light that melts into a honeyed heart of silkiness. As precious as it is sensual, many varieties flower but once a year, making the Eau de Parfum a capsule of a timeless moment. Contains 15% concentration Eau de Parfum. Up to 89% natural origin ingredients. Suitable for vegans.