Keracolor Colour + Clenditioner - Silver 355ml

Keracolor Colour + Clenditioner - Silver 355ml
Categories: Health Care, Equipment
Brand: Keracolor
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Colour and cleanse simultaneously with the Keracolor Colour + Clenditioner; a non-lathering conditioning cleanser designed to instantly infuse colour into locks with every wash by depositing pigments, maintaining colour vibrancy until your next trip to the salon. Enriched with Keratin to promote strength, shine and softness, the formula helps your hair retain essential oils, locking in colour whilst gently whisking away dirt with a no-lather whisper. Fortified with Keracolor’s exclusive Krystal Water Complex™, Color + Clenditioner preserves hair colour, softness and body by neutralising chlorine and trace minerals lurking in tap water and stopping oxidation in its tracks. Arriving in an array of vivid hues, the formula offers up the chance to explore, express and enhance your locks without the long-term commitment. Suitable for all hair types. Free from sulphates and parabens. Vegan. Cruelty-free.