Invisible Zinc Invisible Staying Powder (12g)

Invisible Zinc Invisible Staying Powder (12g)
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: Invisible Zinc
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A powder that is specially designed to give skin a perfect natural finish to the complexion, Invisible Zinc Invisible Staying Powder lasts all day. Your skin will not be left looking powdery or caked as its creamy texture melts into the skin and gives you instant radiance. Providing even coverage and setting your make-up in place, the Invisible Zinc Invisible Staying Powder is formulated with lavender to leave your skin looking luminous and fresh. Simply apply some after you put on some make-up and you’ll be ready to go! Invisible Zinc products provide a physical barrier of 100% natural zinc oxide to form a ‘second skin’ that acts as a shield to protect against UV radiation, environmental pollutants, air conditioning, car exhaust, tobacco smoke, moisture loss and wind burn. All products have been formulated under Australian medicinal grade standards, and so are efficient to combat even the harshest climatic conditions. Directions of use: Gently press powder in face after applying make-up.