Hermetica Spiceair Eau de Parfum 100ml

Hermetica Spiceair Eau de Parfum 100ml
Brand: Hermetica
Size: 100ml
271.3 CAD
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Notes: Cinnamon Oil, Bergamot Essence, Moss Molecule. The Hermetica Spiceair Eau de Parfum echoes festivities in rainy London. Sparkling like a string of fairy lights, the fragrance is bright and warm, bottling the mysterious appeal of city nights. Cinnamon Oil creates an opening that comforts, thanks to enticing, spiced notes of crackling delight. Bergamot Essence melts into this allure, a vibrant scent propelled by a unique twist. Moss Molecule replicates fresh rain on the pavement, cleansing the senses with earthy intricacy. Nostalgic like a memory once forgotten, this EDP promises a distinctive signature scent.