GU Energy Chomps 60g - Box of 16 Cranberry

GU Energy Chomps 60g - Box of 16 Cranberry
Brand: GU
Color: Cranberry
Size: 16
75.3 CAD
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GU are a talented crew of athletes, scientists, production superstars and don’t-judge-me-by-my-flip-flops business aces who share a common inspiration: to deliver the best sports nutrition on the planet into the hands - and mouths - of deserving athletes everywhere! GU Chomps offer a change of pace from gels and an answer to that moment in your run, ride, ski, swim, hike…when you just gotta have something to chomp on… Key Features: GU Chomps deliver the premium ingredients and performance benefits you’ve come to expect from GU Energy products. GU Chomps utilize GU Energy Gel’s proven blend of carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes in a chewable form. Amino acids for added focus, rippin’ energy and speedy recovery. Vitamin C + E, those mighty antioxidants that combat tissue breakdown. Sodium and potassium to restore electrolyte balance. Exclusive blend of complex and simple carbohydrates. Strawberry contains caffeine which increases the release of adrenalin and helps the body metabolize fat as fuel. Box of 16 60g sachets.