Gatorade G Series Pro 01 Prime Sports Drink - 20 x 118ml Sachet Berry

Gatorade G Series Pro 01 Prime Sports Drink - 20 x 118ml Sachet Berry
Brand: Gatorade
Color: Berry
Size: 118
52.5 CAD
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Gatorade are at the very top of their game. Used by many athletes including Team Sky, British Cycling, Victoria Pendleton, Alastair and Jonathan Brownlee and Stephen Bayliss, Gatorade have been perfecting their sports nutrition products since 1965 to provide, pre, during and post exercise nutrition to help you perform at your best. Research has proven that fuelling your body for training starts before you leave the house. With a concentrated blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes and B vitamins, Pro Prime 01 delivers energy and helps your body’s ability to burn carbohydrates, ensuring you get the most out of your exercise. Key Features: Carbohydrates taken before exercise, when combined with carbohydrates during, improve performance which is why Pro Prime 01 has Gatorade’s special carb blend. Research has shown that athletes can sometimes find it difficult to drink enough to remain hydrated, Prime has a carefully chosen mix of electrolytes to stimulate thirst, keeping you hydrated. Prime contains three B vitamins - B3, B5 and B6, as part of your daily diet these help your body convert carbohydrate into energy. Gatorade recommend it is drunk at least fifteen minutes before exercise for the best results. Contains, Per 100ml: Energy: 353kJ (83kcal) . Protein: trace. Carbohydrate: 20g, of which sugars: 19g. Fat: nil, of which saturates: nil. Fibre: trace. Sodium: 0.09g. Potassium: 30mg. Vitamins: Niacin: 2.03mg (13% RDA), Vitamin B6: 0.18mg (13% RDA), Pantothenic Acid: 0.76mg (13% RDA).