Expo@ Low Odor Ink Dry Erase Markers Set, Chisel Tip

Expo@ Low Odor Ink Dry Erase Markers Set, Chisel Tip
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Brand: Expo
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Expo® Low Odor Ink Dry Erase Markers Set, Chisel TipLife. Remarkable. And now with less odor.The branded dry erase marker is now available in a special Low Odor version with less odor than both conventional dry erase markers and Expo’s own markers. With more new colors to choose from, you’ll be able to brighten any presentation and let your creativity fly.Use Expo’s dry erase markers to track, schedule, and present your point in a brilliant fashion. Intense, bold colors take center stage even from a distance. You can get Expo wet or dry erase markers in a wide range of tip sizes, ensuring your point gets across. And now, Expo Markers feature the same bright, vivid color now with low-odor, better-erasing ink–one swipe and it’s gone.Features:Specially formulated low odor ink ideal for classrooms, small offices, and homesNew, better-erasing ink–one swipe and it’s goneBroad, bold markings mean no reading glasses requiredCertified AP Nontoxic inkSet includes 1 cleaner, 1 eraser and 4 Chisel Tip, Low Odor dry erase markers, 1 each of Black, Red, Blue and Green Chore BoardUsing a whiteboard and Expo markers to make a family chore board is the simple solution to getting everyone (spouses included!) to pitch in without pitching a fit. You can let go of round-the-clock reminders, as “I forgot” is no longer a valid excuse.Head of the ClassGive kids a whiteboard and Expo Washable markers to allow them to keep learning long after the school day is over. Take a fifteen-minute recess out of your day to be a student in their pretend classroom as they “teach” you their latest lesson. They’ll get some fun study time and you’ll always get a gold star for attendance.The List Goes OnMultiple mouths to feed mean you’re constantly catering to the likes and dislikes of others. Keep up with their varying tastes by putting an Expo board on the fridge so everyone can request their favorite fare. They’ll remain satisfied and you’ll be happy to never hear “There’s nothing for me to eat” ever again.Root for the Home TeamGrab some Expo markers in the team colors and go wild on the car windows. It’s a fun family activity to show your support and comes off when the game is over. Which is especially nice if someone wasn’t quite as victorious as they’d hoped.Life LabeledUse Expo markers to label your plastic containers. If they’re clear, taping a small piece of paper on the opposite side will keep your label legible. And you can change your mind with a flick of the wrist.Entertaining PossibilitiesUse Expo markers on glass trays to write out the names of specialty hors’devours or wine and cheese pairings. You can also write on small decorative tiles for reusable place settings or buffet labels. Your guests will be thrilled when the only thing they have to ask is “More wine please?”