DECLÉOR Cleanser and Polish Body Collection

DECLÉOR Cleanser and Polish Body Collection
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The DECLÉOR Cleanser and Polish Body Collection contains a trio of skin care products which have aromatherapy benefits to soothe your senses. The fantastic set would make the perfect present for anyone who has a hectic lifestyle. It also comes with a gift tag so you can write a personalised message for that special someone. - L.M. Contains: DECLÉOR Relax Intense Fruits Seeds Scrub 100ml: Made with natural exfoliating particles of orange peel, argan and acai seeds, this softening scrub will smooth your skin, whilst the aromatic fragrance calms your mind. DECLÉOR Intense Relaxing Shower Gel 50ml: Transforming into a silky lather on contact with water, this silky oil will gently cleanse away impurities, whilst the essential oils of tonka bean, ylang ylang and vetiver soothe and relax your senses. DECLÉOR Relax Intense Relaxing Massage Balm 15ml: Inspired by aromatic rituals, this nourishing balm will protect your skin whilst helping to relieve tension. Suitable for all skin types.