Color WOW Color Perfect Bundle for Fine/Normal Hair

Color WOW Color Perfect Bundle for Fine/Normal Hair
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: Color WOW
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Clean, refresh and fortify your tresses with the Color WOW Color Perfect Bundle for Fine/Normal Hair. Designed to nourish fine/normal hair types, this trio of products serves to strengthen strands while enhancing the vibrancy of your colour-treated locks. The individual formulas are packed full of nurturing ingredients that target both the scalp and end of the hair, leaving your mane smooth, supple and hydrated. The Set Contains: Color Security Shampoo (250ml) Preserve the vibrancy of colour-treated tresses with this sulphate-free shampoo, a luxurious remedy that cleans and refreshes the hair and scalp without stripping dyed strands of their lustre. The colour-safe shampoo is specifically formulated without typically harsh ingredients found in most shampoos that can strip, damage or dull your locks. Foaming into a rich, creamy lather, this hair treatment boasts a gentle formula that won’t clog the hair follicle or suppress natural moisture levels. The Color WOW shampoo lifts away lingering dirt and impurities from the roots through to the ends of your hair, leaving tresses bright, glossy and silky-smooth to touch. Color Security Conditioner for Fine to Normal Hair (250ml) Achieve glossy, tangle-free locks with this Color WOW conditioner. The smoothing formula works to treat normal to fine hair types, boasting a lightweight texture that delivers anti-flattening properties to dull, lifeless tresses. The colour-safe conditioner is formulated with ingredients that repel the untimely oxidisation of your strands, helping to prevent the appearance of corrupt brassy tones. The brand’s colour-shielding Sealicon™ complex ensures a protective, high-shine finish with enhanced lustre and smoothness. Expect silky, hydrated and healthy-looking tresses. Dream Filter Treatment (200ml) This breakthrough pre-shampoo treatment filters out minerals, typically found in hard water, that could destroy the intensity and beauty of your hair colour. Traces of copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorine and other minerals and metals found in tap water can build up in your hair over time and distort your colour, making it appear yellow, brassy, greenish and dull. Dream Filter is ideal for those looking to prolong hair colour between salon visits and prevent discolouration. Suitable for all hair types and colours, the formula lifts unwanted minerals away from the hair shaft to unveil optimal colour. The treatment detoxifies the hair to brighten highlights, deepen dimension and make blonde, grey and white shades appear lighter and fresher; whilst brunette hair is left brighter - unveiling the natural or coloured tones in your hair. Re-balance your hair for picture-perfect colour with this effective pre-shampoo hair treatment.