Brother TZES961 Extra Strength Adhesive Tape, 36mm(1.4'') x 8 m, Black on Matte Silver

Brother TZES961 Extra Strength Adhesive Tape, 36mm(1.4'') x 8 m, Black on Matte Silver
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: Brother Label Printer
45.99 CAD
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P-touch Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are a remarkable breakthrough in labeling your most challenging surfaces. Their extraordinary adhesive properties make them ideal for the toughest labeling tasks you face: Uneven and rough-textured surfaces, Surfaces exposed to harsh environments, Slippery painted metal and plastic surfaces, And many more!Choosing Proper Brother Label Tape From Following TableSeriesColour6mm9mm12mm18mm24mm36mmstandardBlack on ClearTZe-111TZe-121TZe-131TZe-141TZe-151TZe-161 Black on WhiteTZe-211TZe-221TZe-231TZe-241TZe-251TZe-261Black on RedTZe-411TZe-421TZe-431TZe-441TZe-451 Black on BlueTZe-511TZe-521TZe-531TZe-541TZe-551 Black on YellowTZe-611TZe-621TZe-631TZe-641TZe-651TZe-661Black on Green TZe-721TZe-731TZe-741TZe-751 Black on Fluorescent Orange TZe-B41TZe-B51 Red on Clear TZe-122TZe-132TZe-142 Red on White TZe-222TZe-232TZe-242TZe-252 Blue on White TZe-233TZe-243TZe-253 Gold on Black TZe-324TZe-334TZe-344TZe-354 White on Clear TZe-125TZe-135TZe-145TZe-155 White on Black TZe-325TZe-335TZe-345TZe-355 White on Red TZe-425TZe-435TZe-445TZe-455 White on Blue TZe-525TZe-535TZe-545 Tze-555 White on Lime Green TZeMQG35 White on Berry Pink TZeMQP35 White on Satin Gold TZeMQ835 White on Satin Silver TZeMQ935 Strong AdhesiveBlack on White TZe-S211TZe-S221TZe-S231TZe-S241TZe-S251 Black on Clear TZe-S121TZe-S131TZe-S141TZe-S151 Black on Yellow TZe-S621TZe-S631TZe-S641TZe-S651 Black on Matte Silver TZe-S941TZe-S951 TZe-S961 Cable & Wire Flexible Black on White TZe-FX221TZe-FX231TZe-FX241TZe-FX251 Black on Yellow TZe-FX631TZe-FX651 Fabric Iron-onBlue on White TZe-FA3 MatMatt Black On Siliver TZe-M931 Strong MatStrong Matt Black On White TZe-SM931 FluorescentFluorescent Black on Yellow TZe-C21TZe-C31TZe-C41 Fluorescent Black on Orange TZe-B21TZe-B31TZe-B41 Fluorescent Black on Green TZe-D21TZe-D31TZe-D41