Brother TZe-334 ruban d'etiquettes, 12mm (0.47''), or sur le noir

Brother TZe-334 ruban d'etiquettes, 12mm (0.47''), or sur le noir
Categories: Health Care, Minerals
Brand: Brother Label Printer
22.99 CAD
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This tape features our exclusive laminated tape process and our standard adhesive. Perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Best suited for smooth flat surfaces. Choosing Proper Brother Label Tape From Following TableSeriesColour6mm9mm12mm18mm24mm36mmstandardBlack on ClearTZe-111TZe-121TZe-131TZe-141TZe-151TZe-161 Black on WhiteTZe-211TZe-221TZe-231TZe-241TZe-251TZe-261Black on RedTZe-411TZe-421TZe-431TZe-441TZe-451 Black on BlueTZe-511TZe-521TZe-531TZe-541TZe-551 Black on YellowTZe-611TZe-621TZe-631TZe-641TZe-651TZe-661Black on Green TZe-721TZe-731TZe-741TZe-751 Black on Fluorescent Orange TZe-B41TZe-B51 Red on Clear TZe-122TZe-132TZe-142 Red on White TZe-222TZe-232TZe-242TZe-252 Blue on White TZe-233TZe-243TZe-253 Gold on Black TZe-324TZe-334TZe-344TZe-354 White on Clear TZe-125TZe-135TZe-145TZe-155 White on Black TZe-325TZe-335TZe-345TZe-355 White on Red TZe-425TZe-435TZe-445TZe-455 White on Blue TZe-525TZe-535TZe-545 Tze-555 White on Lime Green TZeMQG35 White on Berry Pink TZeMQP35 White on Satin Gold TZeMQ835 White on Satin Silver TZeMQ935 Strong AdhesiveBlack on White TZe-S211TZe-S221TZe-S231TZe-S241TZe-S251 Black on Clear TZe-S121TZe-S131TZe-S141TZe-S151 Black on Yellow TZe-S621TZe-S631TZe-S641TZe-S651 Black on Matte Silver TZe-S941TZe-S951 TZe-S961 Cable & Wire Flexible Black on White TZe-FX221TZe-FX231TZe-FX241TZe-FX251 Black on Yellow TZe-FX631TZe-FX651 Fabric Iron-onBlue on White TZe-FA3 MatMatt Black On Siliver TZe-M931 Strong MatStrong Matt Black On White TZe-SM931 FluorescentFluorescent Black on Yellow TZe-C21TZe-C31TZe-C41 Fluorescent Black on Orange TZe-B21TZe-B31TZe-B41 Fluorescent Black on Green TZe-D21TZe-D31TZe-D41