Antipodes Hydration Heroes

Antipodes Hydration Heroes
Categories: Health Care, Wellness
Brand: Antipodes
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Crafted with certified organic ingredients that are kind to all skin types, the Antipodes Hydration Heroes combines a trio of the brand’s best-sellers to quench thirsty skin with vital moisture. Featuring a full sized Baptise H2O Ultra Hydrating Water Gel with two complementary miniatures, this skincare set will leave your complexion plump, smooth and radiant. The Set Contains: Baptise H2O Ultra Hydrating Water Gel (60ml) Infused with pure, natural moisture, the gel instantly hydrates dry and dehydrated skin types without feeling heavy or oily. The formula is easily absorbed to deliver instant and lasting hydration, applying with a refreshing, lightweight texture. Hyaluronic Acid derived from plants acts as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin, attracting up to one thousand times its weight in water to provide a plumping effect. New Zealand Manuka Honey and Harakeke Gel deeply hydrate the skin, while Mamaku black fern provides regenerative benefits. Finally, South Pacific Hibiscus Flower gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, clearer and brighter complexion. Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum (10ml) Facial skin is made up of collagen which provides the ’lift’ in our faces. As collagen is lost over the years wrinkles and sagging of the skin occur in the long term. It works to stimulate the synthesis of collagen production in skin cells by up to 72%, restoring lost collagen and ensuring optimum collagen maintenance overall. The water-charged formula intensively hydrates, without leaving skin looking or feeling oily, for a glowy healthy complexion. The relaxing fragrance of rose and cardamon is accompanied by rejuvenating and antioxidant properties for an all-round treat for your skin. Mamaku black fern helps to maintain a healthy cell turnover whilst vinanza grape keeps skin protected against free radical damage. Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (15ml) Wake up to rejuvenated skin in the morning with this velvety night cream. Three main ingredients have been blended together to target the main complexion issues for an all-round glowing canvas when you get up in the morning. Avocado oil improves the stimulation of collagen in skin cells by up to 92% in this formula (scientifically proven), while Manuka honey acts as an antibacterial to clear blemishes and prevent new ones from occurring. Calendula oil from marigold petals acts as a protectant against free radicals and environmental damage, whilst also providing a generous dose of moisture.