Accelerade Hydro Powder - 50 Servings Tub Lemonade

Accelerade Hydro Powder - 50 Servings Tub Lemonade
Color: Lemonade
Size: 50
61.3 CAD
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PacificHealth Laboratories, founded in 1996 by two prominent scientists, started with a singular purpose - to help athletes achieve their personal goals. They have never lost sight of that mission. Collaborating with some of the world’s top nutritionists, biochemists and sports scientists, their research and products have reshaped sports nutrition.For less intense workouts, Accelerade Hydro may be ideal. Accelerade Hydro contains the patented 4:1 carb-protein ratio but has 50% less sugar and 33% less calories.Key Features:The effectiveness of Accelerade Hydro is strong confirmation about the impact of protein in combination with carbohydrates in improving endurance.Researchers have shown that compared to a higher calorie carb-only sports drink Accelerade Hydro increased endurance performance by 7%.4:1 Science.Performance equal to a regular sports drink.30% fewer calories.55% less sugar.50 Servings.Recommended Usage: Mix 1 Scoop with 12oz. of cold water. Use before, during and after exercise.Available in Tropical (Fruit Punch) and Lemonade flavours.