3M Leatherette Large Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (MW310LE) 768853

3M Leatherette Large Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (MW310LE) 768853
Categories: Health Care, Equipment
Brand: 3M
34.49 CAD
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3M™ Gel Mouse Pad Wrist RestLeatherette, Black3M™ Gel Wrist Rests use gel technology to create a wrist rest that is firm enough to provide the support you need, but soft enough for optimal comfort. 3M™ Gel Wrist Rests are guaranteed not to leak and are puncture resistant under normal use. The black leatherette covers feature antimicrobial product protection which inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, on the product surface, that can cause stains, odors and product degradation. The 3M™ Precise™ Mousing Surface is a micro-grooved surface that enhances the precision of optical mice at fast speeds. It also helps to extend the battery life of wireless mice up to 50 percent. 3M™ Gel Wrist Rests with black leatherette covered are manufactured using recycled material.Features:3M™ Precise Mousing Surface improves optical tracking and preserves battery lifeSoothing gel comfort encourages neutral wrist postureAntimicrobial product protectionGuaranteed not to leakWith the patented 3M™ Precise™ texture, your mouse reads more light contrast and can more accurately track your cursor movement.Moustache® Mouse Pad$ 0.99$ 9.99$ 9.99StandardExtendedErgonomic