Rethinking Women and Healthy Living in Canada - the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, and the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence have released a new report outlining how women's healthy living needs to be reframed.

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report from Statistics Canada

The IGH Cochrane Corner highlights reviews pertinent to gender, sex, and health questions. The Cochrane Corner Column will highlight methodological, substantive, or newsworthy issues related to sex, gender, health, and systematic reviews.

Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) promotes gender equity within population, health, and nutrition programs with the goal of improving reproductive health/HIV/AIDS outcomes and fostering sustainable development.

The World Bank Data Catolog provides access to high-level International and Canadian data on a variety of topics including gender statistics (select Canada)

Guidelines for Gender based Analysis of Health data for Decision Making is a guide that presents the basic elements for developing a gender-based analysis using health statistics, and includes case studies based on data derived from Belize, highlighting the importance of using data disaggregated by sex, age, socioeconomic level, ethnic group, sexual orientation, geographic area, and other factors whenever possible.

Guidelines for developing a population based Gender and Health Profile describes the information needed and the steps to take to present a profile of specific or several health-related issues, using a gender-based analysis based on the methods described in the 'Guidelines for Gender based Analysis of Health data for Decision Making.'

Rising to the Challenge: Sex- and gender-based analysis for health planning, policy and research in Canada is a book that describes the process of sex- and gender-based analysis and offers a collection of case studies and commentaries that illustrate SGBA in action. The book will help readers understand sex- and gender-based analysis and learn how to apply it in their work for and with women and men, girls and boys.

The new Institute of Wellbeing's (CIW) report on the overall wellbeing of Canadians is now available. Click here to find out How are Canadians REALLY doing?

Having trouble finding Canadian Statistics on women? Statistics Canada has published a document to help you. Finding data on women: A guide to major sources at Statistics Canada

Health Indicators

Health Indicators, 2010 - Annual Report (Canadian Institute for Health Information)

Making Sense of Health Rankings (Statistics Canada)

Gender & Health

Gender Analysis: Implementing the Canadian Model (Australia)

Provincial Profile of Women's Health: Updated Data on Selected Indicators for Women's Health in British Columbia (Ministry of Health Services)

Exploring Concepts of Gender and Health (Health Canada)

Gender-Based Analysis Policy (Health Canada)

Women's Health Strategy (Health Canada)

Women's Health Surveillance Report: A Multidimensional Look at the Health of Canadian Women (CIHI)

A Profile of Women's Health Indicators
(Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis)

Health Care in Canada (CIHI)

Aboriginal Health

Projections of the Aboriginal Populations, Canada, Provinces and Territories
(Statistics Canada)

Children & Youth

Measuring Up: A Health Surveillance Update on Canadian Children and Youth (Public Health Agency of Canada)


Substance Use

Girls, Women and Substance Abuse (Nancy Poole and Colleen Anne Dell)

The Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials: Are We Asking the Right Questions? (Abby Lippman, Women and Health Protection)